Scripps College

Project: Scripps College Inauguration Theme and Messaging

Partner: Michael Bierut, Pentagram Design

For the 2010 inauguration of Scripps College’s eighth president, Lori Bettison-Varga, Andrea Jarrell worked with the college to develop the inaugural theme, which resulted in "The Genius of Women.” She also worked with President Bettison-Varga on her speech, “Cultivating the Genius of Women,” and wrote the story of the inauguration’s emblem, which was designed by Michael Bierut of Pentagram Design. 

The Story of the Genius of Women Inaugural Emblem 

Inspired by our seal La Semeuse – she who sows the seed of thought, of action, of life – the emblem of our new president’s inaugural year joins eight seeds, one for each president of Scripps College since its founding in 1926.

Together, these seeds assert the potential and the fruition of the genius of women educated here at Scripps College. The emblem’s font is our own Scripps College Old Style, designed by legendary type stylist Frederick Goudy for the college in 1947.


“Here begins new life,” states our motto Incipit Vita Nova – new life for each of our students and for the worlds they will lead and transform. As we herald a new era in Scripps leadership, our inaugural emblem celebrates the genius of women and this great College’s ability to nurture it.