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2012 – 10 Highlights From A Very Fine Year

Goodbye 2012. What a lovely, challenging, rewarding year you were. Wishing all my friends and colleagues a fantastic 2013! As Frank Sinatra sings, "The best is yet to come and babe won't it be fine."

Working with nine new clients (and many old favorites) including my first SEC (Southeastern Conference) champion, several premier liberal arts colleges, two top boarding schools and two crosstown rival Catholic girls’ schools – all with their own goals, stories, challenges and victories this year!

Traveling to Beijing to begin research on the brand story for the new school Keystone Academy – a Grade 1 – 12 school you will be hearing more and more about.
Working with Bucknell University to launch its $500 Million capital campaign. To develop the digital, social and print strategy I partnered with Michael Bierut and Jesse Reed at Pentagram Design.

Attending a huge college fair in Washington D.C. and seeing my work on several tables.
Having my Yale-NUS College work (brand story, ad, print and digital messaging) of the previous year take off as the admission team for the new college traveled around the world recruiting Yale-NUS’s inaugural class. It is a phenomenal experience to see a brand new institution go from zero to sixty, attracting the most talented students.

Working with Wesleyan University to launch an “uncampaign” campaign(another Bierut/Pentagram project) in which the message is less command and control and more crowd sourced – much more on this exciting project in future posts.

Having my chapter “From Marketing Strategy to Brand Story: Telling the Story of Independent Education” in Chris Baker’s new NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) book The NAIS Enrollment Management Handbook.

Seeing the admission funnel come alive as my high school senior received a flood of recruitment materials from colleges and universities. Very interesting to watch her go through her selection process and see her accepted to several great schools.

After the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy, being asked (as a friend rather than a consultant) by one of my favorite college presidents, Oglethrope University's Larry Schall, to help with a letter urging gun control that was eventually signed by over 300 college presidents. 

Having several of my personal essays published including in the Sunday New York Times Modern Love column.


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